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For Skeptics and True Believers
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4th-Oct-2010 06:08 pm - Bonfire 2010: Three for History

Now let me regain some semblance of composure after that... colorful entry earlier.

Yesterday was the third Ateneo Bonfire I've attended but it was the first I've ever seen (being) lit. IT WAS AWESOME. I even have some videos of it up in Facebook! It was awesome awesome awesome! The fireworks display after was soooooo nice too! :3 It was indeed, quite the celebration worthy of the three-peat championship! YAY! The program was fantastic and the hosts were funny! YAY FOR MISSY! BEST PROF EVERRRR!!! 8D

3 for History!

Lovely fireworks!

Thanks Brad and Pau, for saving us a seat during the show though I doubt you guys will be able to read this entry. xD We had a fantastic view and we got to rest our legs. Haha Thank you Nox for coming with me! The bonfire is, after all, a very memorable even for us. :3 Dinner at Shakey's was awesome too! We met up with Lence, Shanti, Mark, Charles and Meggy and had a laaaaate dinner. I was actually quite surprised that we left Shakey's around 11:50. O_O I thought it was just 10-something. Haha.


PS: Happy Birthday Migz!!!! <3333
jess m&amp;m
4th-Oct-2010 05:44 pm - *flail entry* I NEED MORE TIME.
I miss blogging.

I need to blog as I have so many thoughts running all over my head that I couldn't get rid off. Writing about them is the only way I think. Now forgive me as I try to arrange them here... First, let me tell you how I immediately feel: I'm scared. The first semester of my senior year is about to end and I'm effing scared. I have performed my poorest in terms of academics and it's a fact that I have to face. Philosophy is KILLING me. Right now, I have to finish a four page paper (summary+reflection) due on Thursday but I simply  DON'T understand it. :| ARGH. How I wish I had my prof last sem. *frustration* ARGH. *flails* I've had my first F in a long test in this subject, by the way. -_- I AM NOT LIKING IT ONE BIT.

THEN there's History... My prof is COOL. WAAAY beyond cool. But DAMN, his exams are hard O_O; And my group doesn't seem to have enough time to come up with extra credit for his class. x.x 

And I'm running out of time too! :O My oral examination for Theology is already on Friday and my work is piled as high as my head! GOSH I NEED MORE TIME. I need time to study for theo. I need time to draw for comics! Write my bloody comics paper. I need time to do our extra credit for history that's due on Thursday. I need time to write my philo paper due on thursday too! I need time to study for our COMPREHENSIVE history finals!

AND THESIS. GOD, there's THESIS. FATHER JAAAVSSSS ><;;;;; We need directioooon!!!! I feel as if I'm thrown out to the sea to fed for myself against sharks!!! :O I haven't given enough time for thesis. I haven't started reading for my thesis! Comparing my progress to those from the other classes.... I am lagging woefully behind. GAAAAHHHH STRESSSS. CAN MY CORE SUBJECTS JUST MAGICALLY DISAPPEAR???!!! PLEASE???

Oh God.. This entry has turned out to be quite a mess. ><;;; I'm scared. I'm frustrated. I need more time. And my body clock doesn't help AT ALL. I just magically sleep by 10pm regardless of the importance of my job at hand. I wake up each morning panicking and cramming and racing to school. I can't take it anymore. 

I need more time.
27th-Jun-2010 11:49 pm - Priorities.
Senior year is upon me.

My eyes are straining from trying to understand my theology reading. Theology sucks. WHY does it need to be sooo utterly, impossibly, irrevocably boring? WHY does my professor have to have unannounced quizzes about these utterly, impossibly, irrevocably boring readings? A few more pages till chapter 1 ends. o_o 2 more chapters till this reading runs out of pages. I'm sleepy and I don't want to read anymore.

My heart is thumping from excitement, anticipation and nervousness. Recweek starts tomorrow and I'm quite frankly, scared. A new batch of Celadoneans. A new batch of people to wow, to impress. A new batch of people to make friends with, to welcome into the family. I'm excited. I'm scared. And yet, I'm also sleepy.

My mind is wandering. What happens in the CSI S05E13? :O My download just finished. I'm itching to watch it. When will Danny and Lindsey get married? I want to know what happens next. I'm sleepy but then again, I don't care.
jess white
13th-May-2010 06:20 pm - All is Well
Just five days and all is well. No more pain. No more tears. And best of all, I CAN EAT! JOY! :D Now the next step is to wait for the medicine I ingested to leave my body so that I can have my blood tested. I do wonder.. How long should I wait till I can have a blood test? The last day I took my medication (steriod tablets) was on May 5. Hope someone could help because I think waiting till I get home from Hong Kong might be too late.

Anyhoo, I'm bored. I'm really really really bored at home. It has been really dull and really hot at home. :| I can't open the air conditioner unless I'm sharing it with another person since electricity is VERY expensive lately and there's nothing left to do. Except maybe draw and watch a movie. Life is getting monotonous. I can't WAIT to get to Hong Kong! Hopefully, the weather's nicer there. So to break the monotony, I decided to make a 'Bringing Home the Bacon' party hat for my surprise something for Nox! You see, it's his first ever pay day and I wanted do something special. Thus, a bacon themed party! 8D Well.. bacon themed lunch? I'll post a picture after the party ;)

Ah well.. I guess it's time to go back to my boredom. :| 

jess white
28th-Apr-2010 01:02 am - A Reprive
From the heat, what else?

I'm now sitting on the floor of my mom's air conditioned room typing this away, hiding from the oven that is my room.

I spent the day bored and lethargic and sweating even though I have TONS of things to do. I sometimes hate that in me- the a, who cares, I'm not doing anything today so bug off kind of attitude that NO ONE could sway me from. But, I guess, it must happen- for after that little annoying 'spell', I kick into work mode and finish everything in record time because I already wasted one whole day (deliberately) in my head. I'm weird like that.  I work better when I see a looming deadline where I push and push and push myself to my limits and produce results and ideas my braid gets pressured to churn out which I normally cannot have.

So now, after concluding an online meeting with my client, I lapsed into bum mode and I couldn't care less! I spent the entire afternoon tuned into Discovery Travel and Living, playing a bit of Facebook games, Watching America's Next Top Model, reading a romance novel and catching up in my Google Reader articles.

Oh! As I was watching Discovery Travel and Living earlier, I was pleasantly surprised to see a show featuring the Philippines After 12. The show was fun, quirky and diverse as it not only featured bars and clubs but also games such as airsoft, sports like wakeboarding and arnis. All after 12 midnight! O.O THEN, immediately after, another show featured the Philippines again! This time, for its lambanog.

Coincidence? Perhaps. :P

That was today. But what about yesterday?

YESTERDAY.... was amazing! I got to hang out with the girls again after soooo very long! (And by 'the girls', I meant High School barkada girls) We went to Eastwood Mall for dinner for some quality girl time. We ate at Uncle Cheffy's where Nox and I spent one of our monthsaries and enjoyed it immensely. It had quality food for a REALLY good price! It wasn't heavy for all our pockets AT ALL. There were 5 of us and we spent P320 each for oysters, salad, duck and panizza. Really, really good oyster, salad, duck and panizza at that!

Service was spectacular! The waiters were engaging and joked at us a couple of times... Especially after Anna announced out loud that it was my birthday that night (It was not) and the waiter went and said, "Well, since birthday naman ni ma'am, pwede namang 2 flavors ang panizza." O_O I was mortified! D: *Whacks Anna* Also, I requested for warm water, and not only did they gave me *real* warm water, they gave me a tea pot filled with it too! Yay!

Fun! Fun! Fun! I'll miss those girls... <3

Now, however, I'm still sitting on the floor of my mom's room, contemplating whether or not I should bunk here for the night... My room=SCORCHING HOT. Even the PILLOWS feel hot. D:

PS: I STILL can't wait for Hong Kong! WHOOOOOOO!!! :D
jess white
22nd-Apr-2010 05:03 pm - No News is Bad News
But I DO have news! And it's VERY good news!

I'm peeking in again to say: CONGRATULATIONS to my wonderful boyfriend, Nox! 8D *throws confetti* *dances around*

YOU ARE NOW EMPLOYED! :D He's signing the contract as we speak. ^__^
jess white
22nd-Apr-2010 03:53 pm - Let's Leave on a Hot Air Balloon
Summer's here and I'm loving it! :D

No more projects, no more lectures, no more classes... Hello, unbearable heat! Hello, sun strokes! @.@  Gosh, the weather here is UNBEARABLY hot! Skies may be blue and pretty and calm but the seriously stupendously stubborn sun won't relent! It's like being stuck in an oven here, 24/7 and you just CAN'T get away from it. Unless of course, you're going out of the country.

Like me.

YES. ME. ME. ME. ME. ME. ME!!!! 8D I haven't been out of the sweltering Philippines for ELEVEN years!!!! 8D I'm sooooo excited for this Hong Kong trip! I'm going out with friends! JUST friends with no adult supervision! Abroad too! And there's 11 of us! 11 for 11 years... Fiiiinnnaaallllyyyy I get to have a trip abroad. I was four when I last went to Hong Kong. (click) :D Anyway, that trip's still during the last week of May.

Today, however, I am bidding my bum days goodbye for good. *points to picture below* Ah well, it was good while it lasted. It's time to own up to the twenty-year old responsible, working me who also happens to be part of Ateneo Celadon's Executive Board for this year. (More about this later :P )

Me, at Ace Water Spa's Cafe drinking some nommy iced coffee! This was taken last April 1 while waiting for my dad and sister to finish their 'swim'.
Check the nails out! They're marbled! :O

I work as a freelance graphic designer and I'm currently working on a branding project for Cakes & Bakes for their overall redesign. So basically I'm making their business cards, letterheads, collaterals of boxes upon boxes upon boxes! 8D I'm quite excited for this since I'm doing exactly what I love to do. (click here for business card design) So now my table is littered with various kinds of boxes and I'm excited to go on a design rage till I pass out. xD

True story. These days, I won't stop working till I feel like stopping. It's like an overwhelming need to accomplish what I need to do and I just can't sleep peacefully knowing that there's still a pile of work to be done. That was my situation last night. O_O I started working around 4 in the afternoon and kept working on Celadon's files till 5am. FIVE in the MORNING. o.o It was then when I couldn't quite bring myself to open another file did I give up. It felt odd sleeping as the sun rose.

So now I start the same cycle. It's 4pm and I shall now attack my design work with a vengeance. Wootwoot! Wish me luck! 
jess m&amp;m
30th-Jan-2010 01:48 am - Friends.
Friends are treasures. Thank you. Thank you. A thousand thanks to everyone who gave me reassurance, who talked some sense into me, who gave me reason to smile and laugh about. You, folks, give me strength to seriously seriously chase my dreams and reach my fullest potential.

Reaching it may take longer that some, but I'll get there. I will. 

Thank you.
28th-Jan-2010 09:38 pm - This Blog is Gathering Cobwebs
:( Oh well... My layout hurts my eye. I'm too busy with acads+org. I'm quite positively drowning in everything I need to do and I just want to sleep. Boo. I really do wish I could blog as faithfully as I did back in High School. Then again, high school didn't have an incredibly insane amount of design work to do, org work you'd slave over for and extra-curricular work you'd rather not have taken on. :(

I miss blogging- the simple transferring your thoughts to type; the simple telling of your story- of the numerous uninteresting things that transpired throughout your day; the simple act of getting things out, forming them into tangible words and posting them.

I really do wish I have the time.
jess white
27th-Sep-2009 05:15 pm - More Prayers.
I got the news a few hours ago. My taima died last night.... :( She was the oldest relative I have... She was so strong too. Survived two bouts of cancer...

We love you taima! Rest in peace.
jess white
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